My Kitchen Diary

I commenced “My Kitchen Diary” back in January and kept it going faithfully till we travelled to New Zealand on 4th April 2013.  Here is the link to my blog which is complete with an index of all the dishes I prepared during that time.   It’s a worthwhile read as it includes notes about using my fresh garden produce.

We arrived back home 5th May.  I was only home a couple of days when I was need in Coffs Harbour to help my sister do the ‘flower thing’ for Mothers Day and then when I arrived back home a week later we had an arrangement to meet friends in Adaminaby for a week.  It was all very hectic and the diary got sidelined.  But of course the cooking continued because that is what I do.  I will continue with that blog to record my food journey and this blog I will keep for other bits and pieces. 

My kitchen in Sanctuary Point

This is where it all happens. Of course it looks very tidy, that was just for the photo. It’s an excellent workspace for someone like me who just loves to cook.